Amna Ilyas’ viral video: Actress clarifies her stance, maintains no one was hurt

Amna Ilyas clarifies viral video

Amna Ilyas’ viral video in which she was seen kicking an apple made her land in hot waters. The video, which was supposed to be funny, was extremely problematic. The public bombarded Ilyas with hateful comments.

The actress didn’t respond to the criticism despite the ongoing outrage over the video until recently. Ilyas uploaded a video on her social media in which she clarified the clip and also apologized to the public. The video begins with a boy who was hit in the face. The boy informs that he is not the ‘house help’ but is actually Amna’s nephew.

Amna Ilyas clarifies viral video

‘It would’ve been better if all of you gave me some money instead of the attention,’ the boy said in the video. He also asked the public why they ‘assumed’ from his dark skin that he was a house help and not a relative. ‘It is you who needs help, not me,’ he said addressing the public.

Ilyas herself apologized for kicking the apple. She admitted that kicking food is wrong and hence, she shouldn’t have done that. However, she maintained that no one was hurt during the video and therefore, wasn’t sorry for that.

Watch the complete video here:

Amna Ilyas was made the target of criticism after she uploaded a blooper. In the clip, Ilyas was seen attempting to kick an apple placed over a boy’s head. Instead of kicking the apple, she missed the target and hit the boy in the face. The blooper was uploaded with a disclaimer telling the viewers that no one was hurt in making the video. However, the disapproval from the public naturally came in as they thought she was hitting her house help. Moreover, people thought it was highly inappropriate to waste food.

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