Amna Ilyas talks about harassment and whether people are right to ‘blame actresses’ for it

Amna Ilyas is a Pakistan model who has always been vocal about issues like colorism, body positivity, racism, and so much more. Whenever any such issue has come forward, Amna has always made sure that her voice is loud enough for the public to hear.

She was previously in the headlines for body-shaming a former model a few years ago, to which she replied that she is a changed person now, and isn’t what she was at that point in life.

The interview

Recently, Amna Ilyas, in her interview with a media outlet, talked about the cause of rape. The interviewer questioned her about her view on the fact that people think a major reason behind rapes are actresses and models who promote ‘behayai.’

The model replied to it in clear words saying that crimes against women used to happen even before televisions existed, and before actresses came on TVs. She said that it is not the dressing which provokes the rapist but such individuals committing these heinous acts are mentally sick and have filth in their brains. She further added that Pakistani people have no awareness; hence they fail to understand that these activities have mental sickness. Nothing provokes or triggers them to do such an immoral and inhumane thing.

Here’s Amna’s complete interview:

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