Amna Ilyas shuts up troll for inappropriate comment on her picture

Model Amna Ilyas is extremely talented. But other than her acting and modeling skills, Ilyas is also known for her headstrong personality.

The Baaji actress recently uploaded a picture with the twins Aiman and Minal Khan. Many people in the comments section shamed Ilyas for her color. A user in the comments trolled Amna, ‘Do makeup on your foots too.’ The actress couldn’t keep her calm and replied, ‘No 1: feet* No 2: apnay chatnay hain?’

Amna is one of that handful of actresses in the industry, who do not endorse colorism. She has in the past called her fellow colleagues out for promoting fairness creams and is a staunch advocate against colorism.

The actress’s prominent works include films like Zindagi Bhaag, Saat Din Mohabbat In, and more.

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