‘Amir is Dania and Dania is Amir,’ Amir Liaquat’s wife addresses divorce rumors

'Amir is Dania and Dania is Amir,' Amir Liaquat's wife addresses divorce rumors

Amir Liaquat and his third wife, Dania are once again in the headlines. Rumors of Liaquat’s third divorce have been making rounds lately.

Amir and Dania have been in the spotlight ever since the two got married. Their personal videos made it to the internet and people thought they were ‘cringe-worthy. Moreover, the two have appeared in multiple interviews as well. Despite being a target of immense trolling, the two keep posting videos and are living their life.

Recently, a social media user spread the rumor of Amir and Dania’s divorce. The news was all over social media with sources claiming that even Liaquat has himself confirmed the divorce. However, the couple has lashed out at the public for spreading such ‘fake news.’

The two took to social media where they addressed the rumors. A video clip of Dania was posted in which she urged people not to post such ‘lies.’ The video was captioned, ‘Rumors are rumors. We will not allow anyone to spread false news. Amir is Dania and Dania is Amir, full stop.’

Other than this, Amir Liaquat also posted a video of his wife. He threatened PTI supporters to keep their distance from their life or else he would reveal everything about Imran Khan.

'Amir is Dania and Dania is Amir,' Amir Liaquat's wife addresses divorce rumors

Public calls out Amir Liaquat after he takes a dig at Ex-wife Tuba

Controversial figure Amir Liaquat previously got a lot of backlash for his ‘cheap’ troll on ex-wife Tuba Anwar. While Tuba has not said a word about Liaquat after their divorce, it seems like the Alim Online host is still not over her.

Syeda Tuba shared a picture on her Instagram handle. It was a Ramzan post from her first iftari of the year. Amir re-posted her picture on his Instagram with the description, ‘First Iftari without shaitaan.’ The picture was edited with the description to make a meme by a social media user. However, the public is absolutely disgusted with the host’s shady caption on the picture.

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