The criticism on dressing choices at the awards show is completely justified, says Amar Khan

Actress Amar Khan opened up about her point of view regarding the criticism celebrities received for their dressing at LSA’21. She believes that it was justified.

Amar Khan recently appeared in Har Lamha Purjosh hosted by Waseem Badami. The host questioned her about her views on the criticism multiple celebrities got from the public over their choice of dressing. ‘Do you think the criticism on Hum Style Awards was justified?’ The host asked.

Khan replied, ‘yes.’ She believes all the comments were ‘constructive criticism.’ The actress also confessed that she learned from the experience. ‘I think it is really important to keep the people of your locale happy by doing things they want,’ she said.

Watch the complete episode here:

Amar also talked about her own viral pose which became a public meme. ‘It was completely unintentional,’ she said. ‘My assistant was pulling my gown down. She asked me to hold my breath so I opened my mouth,’ she added. Khan also revealed that she wasn’t posing for a picture or copying any Bollywood celebrity.

Earlier, many actresses hit back at people giving hate comments to celebrities for their dressing.

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