Alyzeh Gabol takes legal actions against the culprits behind her fake accounts

Celebrities are bullied and harassed very frequently online and many choose to stay silent. However, Alyzeh Gabol is not among those who choose silence over taking an action. The model very well knows what one can ‘legally’ do against such culprits.

Gabol announced that she is taking public action against those invading her privacy and impersonating to be her on her Instagram. The model registered an FIR against the owners of the fake accounts at Lahore court through her lawyer and the court approved her petition.

She mentioned that posting someone’s pictures and violating their dignity is a heinous crime and her lawyers are taking care of those responsible. She further mentioned that she will see the culprits behind the bars using the law.

Alyzeh’s lawyers also posted screenshots of the fake account owners apologising however, he believes such people responsible for bullying should not be forgiven like this.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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