‘All women feel unsafe around Pakistani men,’ Anoushey Ashraf on Turkey incident

'All women feel unsafe around Pakistani men,' Anoushey Ashraf on Turkey incident

Pakistani men have been trending on Twitter in Turkey lately, however, for all the wrong reasons. The hashtags ‘Pakistan Get Out’ and ‘Pakistani Perverts’ have been trending recently.

The hashtags were made the top trend after Pakistani men recorded inappropriate TikTok videos of Turkish women and children. There has been a lot of outrage on the internet and many have been sharing their point of view on the topic.

Actor and VJ Anoushey Ashraf also wrote down her thoughts on the matter in a recent IG story. Ashraf pointed out the hypocrisy of Pakistani men and how they malign the country’s name globally. She referred to men calling out Esra Bilgic for her revealing pictures on Instagram. The actress shared an article in the recent news and wrote, ‘Considering everyone’s concern over Halime Sultan’s choice of clothing, Pakistani men should first hand over a certificate or diploma on experience with women as humans, not on their choices in life or clothes.’

According to her, men should be given this ‘diploma’ before being given their visas for any country in the world. She then referred to how men defend themselves with the ‘not all men’ statement. ‘But hey not #allmen but somehow #allwomen feel unsafe around these men. Odd,’ she concluded.

'All women feel unsafe around Pakistani men,' Anoushey Ashraf on Turkey incident

Social media users from Turkey have expressed their anger on Twitter over the actions of Pakistani tourists. A Turkish user Tweeted that Pakistani men take their ‘extremist attitude’ abroad and then cause problems for countries that welcome them. ‘Sorry, the world is not like Pakistan. I don’t want Pakistanis in Turkey,’ the user added.

Another user wrote that Pakistani men commonly do it even in their homes. ‘They upload the videos or send the videos to the girls’ parents,’ she added.

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