“All pain can be managed with a calm mind,” Rohail Hyatt mansplains periods to women

"All pain can be managed with a calm mind," Rohail Hyatt mansplains periods to women

Music producer Rohail Hyatt is getting the heat after trying to explain PMS to women on social media. He tried to mansplain female anatomy to women, and internet users did not take it well!

A Twitter user tweeted about the mental and emotional impact of menstruation on a woman.

“It’s so scary to know I’m crying because of a chemical but can’t do anything to fight it,” she tweeted. To this, another user replied that she feels anger, sadness, and all kinds of emotions. Rohail Hyatt intervened in the discussion and shared his two cents.

He responded to the tweets, saying that the ‘subconscious aspect of the sadness’ should also be understood.

People are not just confused over this reaction, but are also furious about Rohail Hyatt, a man, trying to explain how periods work to women. The producer has quite unconventional views and often lets them be known. However, they are not always well-received.

When he was asked to not ‘mansplain periods to women,’ he replied that women complain that men don’t care or understand. He went on to say that all pain can be managed with a ‘calm mind’, adding that acceptance helps us become masters of the experience instead of being a slave to it.

Hyatt did not stop there and indulged in a full Twitter argument with users. While replying to a tweet, he said that ‘Indian practices of pain management’ need to be read.

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