Alizeh Shah bravely opens up about her struggle with acne

Alizeh Shah is a big name in Pakistan’s film and drama industry. At a young and tender age, the actress has been able to achieve a lot in her career mainly because of her acting skills. Shah is loved and is one of the most ‘famous’ actresses in the industry as well.

Alizeh is surely an inspiration for many young actresses. Time and time again, she has proved that she is second to none when it comes to acting. Her dramas include Jo Tu Chahay, Ishq Tamasha, Ehd e Wafa, Baandi, and many more.

The actress has been giving us major hair goals ever since she stepped into showbiz. She has been setting hair trends for long now.

Shah recently opened up about her biggest insecurity. The star shared her struggle with acne. Posting ‘without makeup’ pictures, she bravely showed everyone what her actual skin looks like. Taking to her Instagram, Alizeh posted that she has been struggling with acne for a very long now. Despite many believing that ‘clear skin’ is the goal, the actress believes one can live a happy life even with acne. She mentioned in her post that the ‘state’ of one’s skin does not define one’s ‘worth’ or beauty. What is actually attractive is how confident an individual is with the way they are.

Alizeh Shah gave a very positive message to her audience which is mostly the younger generation constantly feeling the pressure to fit into the unrealistic beauty standards of society. She told her fans to ’embrace the glorious mess‘ that they are. The actress is using her platform to inspire many to accept themselves the way they are, with their flaws.

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