Alizeh Shah urges public to become a voice for Palestine rather than criticizing her new song

The Ehd-e-wafa star, Alizeh Shah released her first-ever song alongside Sahir Ali Bagga. Her debut song has garnered a lot of criticism mainly because of Alizeh’s ‘choice of dressing’ in the song’s official video. She became a topic of trolls and memes to an extent that she was the ‘top trend’ on Pakistan Twitter recently.

Shah responded to the criticism and memes calling all the trollers out. She took to Instagram where she mentioned how she finds memes amusing however, she also questioned why instead of becoming a voice for Palestine, the topic people are discussing is her new song. Alizeh wants to know what’s wrong with Pakistanis who are neglecting such an important issue and are discussing the topic of her dressing which is why it was ‘trending’ in the country.

Many Pakistani celebrities have talked about the Israeli atrocities on Palestinians. Numerous are making sure they use their social media platforms for the right reasons.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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