Here’s why Ali Xeeshan’s latest collection is under criticism

Here's why Ali Xeeshan's latest collection is under criticism

Ali Xeeshan’s latest collection Mamia is under severe criticism. The public is absolutely enraged for different reasons.

Ali Xeeshan is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry of Pakistan. His campaigns have been raising awareness one many important issues. From talking about breast cancer to dowry, he has used fashion in the right way. Other than that, he is also famous for his intricately designed dresses. He is one of the finest designers of the country.

This time however, Xeeshan is over the internet for the wrong reasons. He recently dropped his luxury pret collection for 2021. Shortly after pictures from the fashion shoot went viral, he landed in hot waters. The pictures were re-shared on many social media platform and the designer was bombarded with hate. While the collection itself was beautifully designed, the public wasn’t impressed.

Here's why Ali Xeeshan's latest collection is under criticism

People called out Xeeshan for different reasons. The public believes he copied Indian designer, Sabyasachi’s signature style. Users were triggered over the fact that it was a bold shoot. They posted comparison pictures of the Indian fashion brand pointing out the similarities.

Here's why Ali Xeeshan's latest collection is under criticism

A vast majority thinks that the designer was objectifying women with the revealing shoot.

‘Pakistani designers should come up with clothes that Pakistanis can actually wear,’ a user commented. So many adored the designs however, disagreed with the pictures.

Here’s what the public has to say:

Here's why Ali Xeeshan's latest collection is under criticism

Ali Xeeshan’s ‘Numaish’

Ali Xeeshan is a favorite for many reasons. He frequently uses his platform to raise awareness on social issues. The designer also made rounds on the internet at Bridal Couture Week. He walked the runway with his pregnant wife. Moreover, he also launched the collection Numaish. Numaish was a pledge to end dowry. He used the ramp as a podium to talk about this significant issue.

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