Ali Xeeshan steals the show with his dowry-centered bridal collection and walking the runway with his pregnant wife

Ali Xeeshan has set an example for the rest to follow, not just with his latest collection ‘Numaish‘, which is a pledge against the orthodox tradition of dowry, but also by walking the runway with his pregnant wife.

Bridal Couture Week is Pakistan’s most famous bridal fashion show. It gives the designers a platform to showcase their work at an international level. On the last day of the 18th edition of Bridal Couture Week 2021, the designer Ali Xeeshan presented his collection ‘Numaish’, through which he tried to educate today’s youth to reject the tradition of dowry. In the end, he stole the limelight by walking the ramp with his pregnant wife.

Numaish: A pledge to end dowry

His collection used the ramp as a podium for spreading awareness about the issue that has been persistent in Pakistani culture for a long time. During the show, the female models carried props like cars and a trolley of goods. This highlighted the pressure dowry places on the shoulders of the bride and her family, which turns a happy occasion into a tense and anxious one.

Not only is it an added financial burden, but also leads to multiple crimes that occur on a daily basis against women. Crimes like domestic abuse, marital rape, dowry deaths, acids attacks, etc. are committed against women at a disturbingly high rate. This is why, Ali’s idea to use this event as a medium to tell the world about dowry and its atrocities, is definitely worthy of applause.

Here are the photos:

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