If you’re having a bad day, watch Ali Gul Pir’s remake of Alizeh Shah’s video!

Ali Gul Pir is a comedian, actor, writer and rapper. He is well known on Instagram because of his sense of humor and recreation of celebrity videos. If you visit Ali Gul’s Instagram, you’d be in laughter fits by the time you end up watching his videos.

This time yet again, the comedian has come up with a hilarious video and the actress he is mimicking in this clip is Alizeh Shah. Ali basically made a funny remake of the actress’s interview clip from the premiere of the movie Superstar. The interview is pretty viral already.

Shah in the clip can be seen saying that when she was born, her parents knew she was ‘something else’ and not from their family due to her expressions. The part was specifically chosen by Ali Gul and he had a hilarious take on it.

Many celebrities reacted on the comedian’s video.

Watch the video here:

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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