‘Old, meatball,’ Ali Azmat makes shocking statements about Noor Jehan

'Old, meatball,' Ali Azmat makes shocking statements about Noor Jehan

Pop singer Ali Azmat talked about veteran singer Noor Jehan recently in a show. His remarks are making rounds on the internet.

Pakistani pop icon, Ali Azmat, recently appeared in a show hosted by Ahmad Pansota. He talked about Pakistani music and art. The topic under discussion was how Pakistan’s music industry has transitioned over the years.

While speaking on the topic, Ali mentioned Noor Jehan, who is a musical legend. He said, ‘In my childhood, Noor Jehan used to sing on a show wearing saari with big earrings and extra makeup. We used to get annoyed.’

After these remarks, he also passed ageist comments. He said that she looked like a meatball and we thought it was unnecessary for us to watch her sing. ‘This was the time when we accepted the other culture and it became a norm later on,’ he added.

He talked about American society in the interview as well. ‘The real American society isn’t fond of sensationalism. They forbid their children from doing drugs,’ he said further.

Watch the complete episode here:

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