Aisha Linnea tied the knot in a simple ceremony and gave a message for everyone to do the same

Filmmaker, Aisha Linnea Akhtar, took to Instagram where she made an announcement about her getting married earlier this year. However, what makes the news even more special is the message that Akhtar has tried to convey to her followers.

Aisha shared some pictures from her wedding and informed that she got married in a small, simple ceremony held at her parent’s garden. She then proceeded to describe how beneficial opting for a simple and minimal marriage had been for her.

The filmmaker told that the experience was ‘liberating.’ She didn’t have to stress out for the occasion and neither did she have to worry about spending a huge amount and time in the event. She informed that only in a period of 10 days, she planned her big day with effortless clothes which her mother-in-law had planned for her and exquisite yet budget friendly decoration.

Aisha Linnea also talked about how she didn’t even go to a high-end salon for her makeup and hair but did it herself. She believes that she didn’t have to ‘strive for perfection’ as the person she chose to marry was the reason why everything around her was already flawless and fell perfectly into place. The wedding ceremony had only the two’s immediate family and 2 really close friends. Aisha describes that day as the ‘best in her life.’

The model is trying to tell her followers how happiness is not found through ‘materialistic things’ and you can easily find joy if you are with the right people.

For a very long time, extravagant weddings have been a part of the country’s culture. Weddings are never ‘easy-going’ and it is considered normal to spend high amounts in the dresses, jewelry, food and decors. It is refreshing to see that the trends of ‘simplistic weddings’ is now being followed.

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