Aiman Khan thinks her perfume is ‘affordable’ and the public is not having it!

Aiman Khann just launched her own perfume in collaboration with Kohasaa which is initiated by Saad Saeed Khan, Komal Rizvi and Hassan Rizvi. Numerous other celebrities have also launched their own perfumes with the brand.

Khan recently appeared in Good Morning Pakistan hosted by Nida Yasir for the purpose of marketing and promoting her perfume. The actress dived into the details about her fragrance including the price. Aiman Khan’s perfume is worth rs4950 and she believes that it is quite affordable. While talking about the cost, the actress said that she wanted to come up with something that anyone could buy. The host, Nida, also thought that it was pocket-friendly and would make a perfect gift.

The internet, however, can’t take it and is trolling her over it. People believe that the perfume is not ‘cheap’ at all.

Here’s what the public has to say:

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