Aiman Khan has just hit another success milestone!

Aiman Khan has been making a name for herself since she was literally a teenager. She, along with her twin sister Minal Khan, has been featured in various TV dramas for the past few years. It’s hard to find a person that hasn’t heard of these sisters.

Traditionally, it was pretty hard to tell how loved a celebrity is. At most you could gauge it by how often you see them on screen. People barely had any actual connection with the actors/actresses themselves. The internet has changed that game forever.

Now, in the world of follower counts and fan accounts – we can see these celebrities get bigger right in front of our eyes!

Mahira Khan had held the status of being the most followed celebrity in Pakistan for a while. With 5.8 million followers, it seemed like she was unbeatable, granted she has years of experience over many of the actresses who just started out and people have always loved her work it all seemed to make sense why Mahira towered over everyone else in the industry.

Aiman Khan has just broken Mahira’s record and reached 5.9 million Instagram followers!

She took to Instagram and uploaded an adorable picture with her daughter captioned “Sending love to all my insta fam”

It’s amazing to see how much she’s achieved at such a young age. If she’s this successful at 21 we can’t wait to see where she’d be in the future.

Congratulations Aiman! You deserve it!

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