Aiman Khan reveals the secret behind her flawless skin and healthy hair

We all know about Aiman Khan. She is a prominent name in the entertainment industry and one of the most followed personalities from Pakistan, on Instagram. Aiman and Minal are the two famous names of the industry, who gained a lot of fame at a very young and early age due to their talent.

Aiman’s hair and skin secrets

In a live session on Instagram, Aiman was asked to spill the beans about her hair and skin. The actress, in all honesty, answered the question and instead of naming high-end fancy products, she named some simple things which work for her.

The actress said that although she likes ‘the Bodyshop’ products, she doesn’t follow a proper skin-care routine. She said she doesn’t even go for fancy facials and expensive face masks as they don’t work for her. She claimed that she uses Aloe Vera gel, which she bought from a medical store, and that’s about it. Moreover, consuming water in high quantities and eating fruits also helps her skin.

About her hair, Aiman Khan told oiling is the key. She said she oils her hair twice or thrice per week using coconut oil from The Body Shop to provide the needed nourishment to her straightened and dyed hair.

Aiman Khan is yet to appear on the TV screen after her marriage to Muneeb Butt. Her groundbreaking dramas include: Beydardi, Baandi, Ghar Titli ka Parr, and more.

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