Aiman Khan criticized for her accent in an interview – again

Aiman Khan is one of the few actresses that people wholeheartedly love in Pakistan. We’ve seen her and her twin sister Minal Khan literally grow up in front of our eyes and become the fine women they have become.

But with so much love, comes the trolls too. Aiman Khan married Muneeb Butt, also a Pakistani actor, in December of 2018. Their wedding was grand and they held various events. Instead of being happy for them – people trolled them about how long their wedding was. Muneeb eventually responded to the hate and said “It’s my wedding and I want to enjoy it” also adding that “I don’t post on social media about all the charity I do, all the people I help” and ended it with “Khush rahein and Khush rakhein

The beautiful couple on their Mehndi.

The hate doesn’t stop though, every now and then people pick on Aiman.

Recently she appeared in an interview. Considering the nation is on lockdown the interview was held remotely. The conversation was candid and she talked about all sorts of things we haven’t heard her talk about before, motherhood, self-isolation, cooking, what she’d do once the lockdown ends and even her work-life.

But the trolls decided to make it all about how “She can’t speak English”

The funny thing here is that most of these people pretending to be “English experts” online had terrible grammar/spelling themselves. You really go out criticising someone else when you can’t even write a small sentence without making an error?

English is not our first language but in Pakistan, we mix English and Urdu and speak to each other in regular conversations. It’s common! The interview was very casual and Aimen spoke to the host as if they were sitting in their lounge just catching up – only they decided to let their audience be a part of it.

There’s nothing she’s ever said that has been unintelligible. Everyone has always perfectly understood what she had to say.

People who make fun of her for her accent are the same people who’d call Sofia Vergara’s accent “exotic”. Just because she’s not from Pakistan and people love critically analyzing fellow Pakistanis way too much.

Celebrities often seem “perfect”, their lives look like they’re “unattainable” but they’ve all worked very hard to get where they are. People see that and run for the comment section as soon as they make the tiniest of mistakes.

Guys, let’s take this time we’ve been given in this lockdown to reflect on ourselves. Sending out hate or being an online troll is not something you should spend your time on. Use that time to do something productive. Exercise, learn a new skill, go in the kitchen and try out a new recipe or simply watch a show you hadn’t because you never had the time – the possibilities are endless when being a 24/7 online troll isn’t your only hobby.

  • Malik says:

    I don’t know why people troll her ?.. people have so much leasure time to criticize others… They are criticizing aimem but not the anchor.. she is not speaking English, it’s a mix conversation.. isn’t it???

  • Amna says:

    It’s totally personal either to talk in Eng or Urdu.
    When we teach Eng with the help of Urdu then why can’t we mix up the two Languages during an interview?
    Aiman khan is the most talented Actress.
    Stop pulling her legs

  • Fajar says:

    Aiman uh are the best and I always loved ur accent?

  • fatima says:

    i don’t think you should be like this for her english do you know it yourself before judging others astughfirullah

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