WATCH | Aima Baig spills the secret behind her healthy hair and flawless skin

Aima Baig is Pakistan’s rising star. Due to her magical and versatile voice, she has managed to gather an immense fanbase.

Aima’s beauty routine

In a morning show, Aima was asked to share her journey and self-care routine. The singer was totally honest with the questions. She said that her hair is naturally healthy because of her genes. She added that she works on taking care of her skin, because she has to work in the industry and is surrounded by ‘flawless’ people

Aima said that when she was 17, she weighed more than 75 kgs. She then lost a lot of weight because she wanted to be like the ‘fit girls’ around her. After that, she got ill (dengue), which changed her metabolism, and now despite eating everything, the singer doesn’t gain weight, which is a plus point since she is a big foodie. However, she loves to do cardio and yoga.

Aima Baig says she was happy when she was 75 too. She was unfiltered and honest about her journey and didn’t name any fancy products or an unrealistic skincare routine.

See Aima’s interview yourself here:

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