Aima Baig under severe criticism for her recent pictures

Singer Aima Baig is recently under criticism for her choice of dressing. The public is unhappy with her clothing in recent clicks.

Aima is among the biggest names in the country. Her strong and melodious voice has made her gain a massive following. People absolutely love her. However, despite having a huge following, she is often criticized for different reasons. And this time, it is her choice of dressing.

The singer shared pictures of herself on her Instagram people and triggered the masses. People thought what she was wearing was extremely ‘inappropriate.’ A user wrote how she should remember that she is a ‘Pakistani’ and should stop bringing a bad name to the country.

Here’s what the public has to say:

Aima isn’t the only one who gets targeted for her clothing. Many other celebrities are often called out for their dressing choices. While multiple remain silent over the criticism and let it slide, celebrities like Zoya Nasir make sure to clap back.

Last year, actress Zoya had her birthday and she uploaded a picture in a gorgeous dress. A user trolled her questioning her Religious values based on her dressing. ‘Why do you wear such clothes being a Muslim?’ the user wrote.

The Zebaish actress replied, ‘Your name isn’t Muslim. It’s not even human. Your idiocy astounds me! Get out please.’ The user instantly replied thanking Zoya for replying. ‘I just did it to get your attention,’ the user wrote.

Nasir reposted the comment on her IG story. She said that such people have self-respect or stand moral ground. ‘Ignorant to consequences,’ she added.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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