WATCH | Aima Baig shuts down people for questioning her faith

Singer and songwriter Aima Baig recently appeared in an interview with Mira Sethi. In the interview, Aima spilled out a lot of details about her personal life and professional life.

During the ‘question/answer session,’ the host discussed how people appreciate Aima’s pictures on Instagram while others comment hateful things. She further said that some even question her faith over her dresses.

Mira asked the singer about how she deals with such mean comments coming her way, including when her faith is brought under the question, to which she gave a compelling and composed reply. Aima said that she fails to understand how people can talk about her faith. They don’t know what her relation to God is like. Despite not knowing what she went through in life, all of which brought her near Allah, people still have the audacity to ask such things.

She said that people assume we are not Muslims because of our dressing since it does not reflect what Muslim women should wear. She added that Islam is all about peace and accepting the way a person is, all the chaos is simply man-made.

Here’s Aima’s complete interview:

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