WATCH: Agha Ali joins YouTube, uploads his first vlog with Hina Altaf

It seems like Agha Ali has also joined the YouTube family. He has started to vlog with his wife Hina Altaf. The lockdown is forcing celebrities to join different platforms to kill time.

Some are turning to TikTok, and others to YouTube. Agha Ali has joined other celebrities, like Zahid Ahmed, Bilal Khan and Hania Aamir etc in the YouTube community.

The marriage

Agha and Hina got married in May 2020 during the lockdown in a small nikkah ceremony with close family members and friends. The news of the marriage shook everyone.

The two were thought of as really close friends, and they never publicly came out as a couple.


However, the couple seemed to be bored at home due to the lockdown and wanted to try something new such as ‘Vlogging’. Recently, their vlog went public in which the couple can be seen having a lot of fun.

The vlog shows the couple really living a simple, fun life. The two seem to be really happy, and have bonded. Agha filmed Hina and him playing different board games, and the one who loses had to get foam smashed on his face.

The relationship between the two seems to be thriving, and the vlog is really wholesome, and cute to watch.

Agha Ali is not working on any project at the moment but Hina Altaf is currently working on a project with Ahsan Khan named, ‘Bandhay Ek Dor Se’ on Geo Entertainment.

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