Affan Waheed reveals why he refused to work with Dur-e-Fishan

Actor Affan Waheed recently revealed why he didn’t want to work with Dur-e-Fishan. The two actors talked about multiple things in the show.

Affan and Dur-e-Fishan Saleem were a guest at a chat show hosted by Ahsan Khan. The duo played an on-screen couple in the drama serial Pardes. The host questioned the Do Bol actor why he refused to work with Dur-e-Fishan in the first place.

The actor revealed that he did indeed refuse to work with the actress in Pardes and he also told why. The Dastaan actor said that he was hesitant to work with her because he didn’t know anything about her. He also told that another famous actress was doing the role of Aimen before Dur-e-Fishan. However, after she opted out, director Marina Khan replaced her with Saleem.

Affan added that he wasn’t ready to do the same script with a different actress. Moreover, he wasn’t sure of her language skills.

Dur-e-Fishan further clarified his stance. She said that it isn’t like Affan is not comfortable working with newcomers. However, he had made up his mind of working with a different co-star. She also added that after shooting with her for a few days, he was comfortable.

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The two stars discussed numerous topics in the show. They also talked about relationships and marriage. The actress spilled the beans on Affan’s relationship status. She told that he had gone through a tough breakup very recently. Other than this, the two actors also revealed that they have no plans of getting married any time soon.

Pardes was a drama revolving around the struggles of a man and his wife when he goes abroad to earn. The serial got a lot of appreciation since the public thought it was close to reality.

The drama had many prominent actors like Shaista Lodhi and Sarmad Khoosat in the lead roles.

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