Akcent’s Adrian Sina says he has a crush on Ayesha Omar and would love to collaborate with her!

In a recent interview on Instagram live, Adrian Sina from Akcent revealed that he would ‘love’ to feature with one of Pakistan’s leading stars, Ayesha Omar. The singer appeared in an interview with Sara Baloch, who asked her multiple questions about many topics.

Upon being asked about which Pakistani actress he adores, Adrian said that he thinks Ayesha is a ‘genius and talented,’ so he would like to work with her.

Ayesha Omar herself reacted to the compliments given by Adrian Sina to her and said she feels extremely grateful that an international star not only appreciated her but expressed the desire to work with her. The actress herself said that she would also love to collaborate with him and would try to get Akcent to come to Pakistan and make something together in the country.

Here’s Ayesha Omar’s reaction:

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