Actress Yashma Gill releases a rap about coronavirus to spread awareness

Yashma Gill is an actress from Karachi. She’s been making her way through the Pakistani Entertainment industry for the past few years. Her recent works Alif and Pyaar Ke Sadqey have gotten her a pretty serious fanbase.

She decided to use the influence she has and educate her audience about the seriousness of the coronavirus Covid-19.

Most celebrities and influencers put up posts or hold Instagram live sessions to spread the message. Yashma Gill’s idea was a little different.

She made a whole rap about it and released it along with the official music video on her YouTube channel.

In the rap, she talks about how the virus spread and slowly took over the world and how Pakistan is next.

She calls covid-19 an “azaab” and says that it doesn’t discriminate, it’ll affect people of all religions and faiths. Which is a play on the misconception that “coronavirus doesn’t infect Muslims”

She appeals to the people to stay indoors and not make the virus spread any further than it already has.

The people had mixed reactions to the video

Most of the people were praising her efforts,

While others were just not having it.

We think that it’s a really creative way to get the message out there. The whole world is only talking about the coronavirus right now. It’s nice to see someone think outside the box and do something different. At the end of the day, if her video convinces just a handful of people to take this seriously and stay indoors, it could save thousands of people from getting infected.

What do you think of the rap? Let us know in the comments!

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