‘I want a liberal Pakistan’, Actress Minal Khan’s husband defends her dressing choices

Actress Minal Khan criticized for dressing choices.

Actress Minal Khan has once again made headlines. The actress married Ahsan Mohsin Ikram recently. Since their marriage, the two have become the talk of the town.

Recently, Minal posted a photo of her with her husband on their honeymoon and it’s safe to say the internet is on fire.

Netizens are trolling actress Minal Khan for wearing a ‘dress’. Her dressing on her honeymoon has made her the target of a lot of criticism. Her fans are ‘disappointed’ in her clothes. The internet took this opportunity to turn the photo into a meme.

Ahsan defended his wife’s dressing choices. He replied to a fan calling his wife ‘besharam’, saying that he wants a liberal Pakistan. Ahsan wrote that he wants a country where women are allowed to make their own decision. He added that his job is to ‘guide, not dictate’.

Actress Minal Khan criticized for dressing choices.

Before this, people have made fun of the couple for basically posting anything about their personal life. Fans think that since they’re celebrities, they don’t have sentiments. Users thought they could get away with saying anything they want about the public personalities. However, celebrities have now decided to hit back and reply to these haters.

Here’s what the internet has to say:

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