Actress Mehar Bano reveals she was ‘rescued’ by Saba Qamar after she was harassed on set

Workplace harassment is a very common issue faced by numerous women in Pakistan and it seems like many of our celebrities have been a target of it as well.

Recently, the Churails star, Mehar Bano, appeared in an interview with Something Haute, and opened up about facing harassment on the set. She mentioned that it was done by a ‘mic wala’ and it happened when she was very young. Since Mehar was just a child, she was extremely confused and did not know what to do. However, the actress told Saba Qamar about it who bravely went to the set and had the harasser kicked out.

The star also talked about how it was the first ever time someone stood up for her and that she believes one should know what to do in such situations. Mehar Bano further said that the incident made her realize that she should stand up for other girls as well if they face harassment.

Here is the actresses complete interview:

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