Abrar ul Haq’s comment about ‘baby shark’ sparks debate among actors

Singer and politician Abrar ul Haq’s jest about the poem ‘baby shark’ has sparked a lot of debate online. While the controversial statement was backed by actors like Zarnish Khan, model Nadia Hussain and Yasir Hussain couldn’t help but criticize the singer.

At a PTI celebratory convention in Islamabad, Abrar talked about how mothers nowadays are different from their mothers. ‘When we used to be in our mothers’ laps, they used to recite Kalma. Nowadays, mothers hand their kids cellphones on which they get to hear baby shark.’

Upon hearing this statement, supermodel Nadia took to Twitter where she called out the singer. She wrote, ‘Maa ki godh se kalma sunte sunte NACH PUNJABAN ya BILLO KE GHAR tak ka safar pata nahi kese tey kia.’ Hussain directly bashed Abrar by targeting his songs.

The actresses’ statement was appreciated by many including Yasir, who believed the actress gave a befitting reply to the politician.

After Nadia’s response, Zarnish took to Instagram to share her own sentiments about the whole scenario. Khan believes that instead of judging someone over their past, one should focus on the good they are doing in the present.

Singer Amanat Ali also rushed to Abrar’s defense. In a comment, Ali wrote that he believes Abrar isn’t wrong. ‘He didn’t shame mothers or any women here. He just said the truth which includes ALL of us!!,’ he wrote. Ali says that this should be an ‘eye-opener’ for everyone. ‘Har cheez ko criticise kar ke uska ulta chehra paish karna koi zaruri hota!,’ he further mentioned.

Abrar ul Haq’s statement has divided the public. While many think he shouldn’t have targeted mothers like that, others believe he was absolutely right.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Mahek nouman says:

    Abrar ul haq was right

  • Saba says:

    He is right… being a Muslim…. we shouldn’t do this. [email protected] when it comes to Islamic topic …. so you should shut up….

  • Jia shakil Shakil says:

    I agree with Abrar ul haq.
    kon goud mein Le k Lori deta ab?? Kis kis k kids ko kalma ata? Nadia sahiba k bachon se hi sun lein pahle to

  • Mac says:

    It’s not reciting Kalma (surely it’s a good thing) which makes difference it’s the individual’s actions which matter. While Abrar may be doing good things but most of his songs are not reflective of our religion. To me most of us have no real understanding of Islam as narrated in Holy Quran. Our knowledge and actions are mostly limited to rituals. Where’s social aspect of our religion in our daily life. Ours is a totally corrupt society where nothing works without bribe or recommendations.

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