Abdul Razzak’s sexist comments towards Nida Dar create outrage on the internet

Former cricketer Abdul Razzak is receiving a lot of backlash after his recent interview went viral. Razzak was invited as a guest with Nida Dar from Pakistan’s women’s cricket team in a show hosted by the famous Nauman Ijaz.

In the show, the former cricketer was seen constantly attacking Dar which has created an outrage on the internet. The host was questioning Dar on several topics including the future of women after marriage in the field of cricket. Razzak jumped into the conversation and said that the women cricketers don’t get married because they strive to be equal to their male counterparts, if not better, which is why the ‘feeling’ of getting married is gone by the time they excel.

He then continued to say that if you shake hands with Dar, she won’t feel ‘feminine.’ Nida continued to keep her calm and in a very sensible manner she tried to explain how cricket is a profession for which they have to keep a check on their fitness and hence they do a lot of gym for the purpose. Cutting Nida off, Razzaq went on to make fun of Dar’s haircut.

Twitter is absolutely enraged over the type of misogynistic and sexist comments Abdul Razzak gave to Nida Dar and how he cornered her in the show.

Here’s what the public has to say:

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