‘A fashion disaster,’ Hareem Farooq trolled for her ramp outfit

Hareem Farooq was recently seen walking the ramp in an unordinary outfit. The actress is under criticism for her dress.

Hareem is among the most famous actresses in the industry. She is a film and drama star who is best known for the drama ‘Diyaar-e-dil.’ Other than being an actress, Farooq is also a producer. She has co-produced the popular film Janaan too.

She has done a number of dramas and films. Other than all this, the actress is also a model. She is frequently seen to be the face of many renowned brands. This time, she walked the ramp in Dubai for Amato Couture. The actress was spotted wearing a gold Avant grade number.

However, the public is clearly not impressed with Hareem’s outfit. People think she is simply dressed in bedspreads and quilts. Multiple people have called it a ‘fashion disaster.’

A user wrote, ‘She should be aware of what looks good on her.’ Another user expressed concerns over why the actress agreed to wear such a dress in the first place.

Here’s what the public has to say:

'A fashion disaster,' Hareem Farooq trolled for her ramp outfit
'A fashion disaster,' Hareem Farooq trolled for her ramp outfit
'A fashion disaster,' Hareem Farooq trolled for her ramp outfit
'A fashion disaster,' Hareem Farooq trolled for her ramp outfit

Faryal Mehmood and Hareem Farooq

Last year, actress Faryal Mehmood opened up about her beef with actress Hareem Farooq. In an interview hosted by Ahsan Khan, she revealed everything.

In a segment, the host questioned her about when and why she said ‘Hareem Farooq won’t fit in a car.’ The actress responded telling that she said that on Mazaaq Raat. ‘They questioned me if I had a car with three seats and only choose a few people to sit with me in it, then who would I skip. The rest were my friends so I took their names.’

‘The show host then asked me if I would have Hareem sit with me in the car and I joked saying Hareem won’t fit in it.’ She also revealed that Farooq got offended by her statement. Faryal kept saying how it was ‘okay’ for her to give such remarks because she only said it on a lighter. She also justified her statement, ‘this was a joke of course. I used to be fat myself, why would I make fun of someone for it? I was the one who wouldn’t fit anywhere. No need to take it so personally. Just lose some weight. It’s not that hard.’

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

  • Faiqa ali Chughtai says:

    So, by repeating what faryal said and not condemning it. You are basically saying that she should loose weight its not that hard. Whats the obsession I dont get it. Size doesn’t translate beauty. Ab tw yr.. next top model germany is showing plus size models and aged models. Every shape, every age, every body is beautiful. For once stop putting your complex in the concept of beauty

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