5 facts about 2022’s Grammy Nominee from Pakistan, Arooj Aftab

5 facts about 2022 Grammy Nominee from Pakistan, Arooj Aftab

The 2022 Grammy nominations list had the name Arooj Aftab in it. This is a name unfamiliar to many American music lovers.

The list included names like Olivia Rodrigo, Jimmie Allen, etc., and Arooj standup among them. However, not many are familiar with Aftab.

Aftab has about three solo albums to her name, she is a Berklee College of Music-trained composer, vocalist as well as producer.

5 facts about 2022 Grammy Nominee from Pakistan, Arooj Aftab

Here are some things that you might want to know about her.

1- She was given a shout-out by former president Barack Obama

Back in July, the former president revealed the list of his favorite tracks of 2021. The list included the artist’s ‘Mohabbat.’ This was huge.

2- She has received multiple other awards as well

The Grammy nomination is undoubtedly big, however, Aftab has a number of nominations under her belt.

The Pakistani artist was given a Student Academy Award in the year 2020. This was to acknowledge her work in composing the music to Karishma Dev Dube’s short film named Bittu.

Other than this, the artist also received her first Latin Grammy in the category of best rap/hip-hop.

3- She identifies as queer

The artist lives in Brooklyn. She moved to America in the mid-2000s.

Earlier, in an interview, Aftab opened up about her life in Pakistan. She said that she was different from everyone else. ‘Being queer was a thing – everyone else was so straight by default,’ she added.

4- She started singing as a pioneer of the Pakistan Indie scene

The Pakistani artist also revealed that she learned how to sing and play guitar by listening to Mariah Carey and the late Indian singer Begum Akhtar.

Aftab is also one of the first people who promoted themselves through social media and the internet. Her covers of Amir Zaki’s Mera Pyaar and Hallelujah took over the internet.

5- Her latest album was revealed earlier in 2021

Aftab’s latest album was released in May through New Amsterdam Records.

The album contains tracks such as Last Night and Mohabbat which got a lot of fame.

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