3 best Pakistani short films that you need to watch

3 best Pakistani short films that you need to watch

The Pakistani drama industry often produces good dramas with meaningful content. However, if you are tired of watching series, then you should try Pakistani short films.

The good news is, if you are considering watching the series, then we have shortlisted some of the best Pakistani short films for you.

1- Ab Buss

Ab Buss stars Sanam Saeed in the lead role. Sanam has been a part of many well-known drama serials including Zindagi Gulzaar Hai.

This short film keeps you hooked till the last minute because you keep guessing the genre. Sanam’s role in the film is very mysterious and thrilling. The film ends up with a powerful message which serves as a cherry on top.

After you have completed this short film, you would want to re-watch it again and again. Every time you see this film, you will have a new perspective on it, which is why this is among the best Pakistani short films.

2- Chambeli

Chambeli and Champa Chambeli are two different short films but both of them have gripping storylines. Chambeli casts Aijaz Aslam. It has a strong element of excitement which will make you watch it till the very end.

3- Paying Guest

This short film stars Saifee Hassan and Muneeb Butt. The story revolves around a young man in search of a house to be a ‘paying guest.’ He meets a woman on the journey. However, things take a completely different turn when he meets the resident of the house. The resident tells the man that the woman is not a human.

If you are into horror thrillers, then make sure you don’t skip this one. It has multiple twists and you will love every bit of this short film,

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