Did you know your kitchen sponge has more bacteria than your toilet?

Yes! You heard that right. Sounds disgusting eh? How could that one kitchen item that we deem worthy enough to clean our dishes with, be the hub of so many bacteria?

Recently scientists published a study revealing how densely packed our dirty kitchen sponge is with microscopic bacteria! This can have serious health implications.

Why Kitchen Sponges Are Dirty:

Well the answer lies in the fact that these ‘kitchen sponges’ contain a huge number of active and pathogenic bacteria, which cause many diseases such as E.coli. The bacteria that these sponges are harboring are not only capable of giving you a tummy bug-they might also contain a bacteria that causes paralysis. Yikes!

Kitchens Vs Bathrooms:

Kitchens are dirtier than bathrooms

In fact recent studies show that –  kitchen sinks have far more germs than bathroom sinks. Can you imagine that? Ew. It is very surprising for people who keep their kitchens spotless clean to digest this information. Those studies further stated that the average kitchen sponge is dirtier than most of the places in your house, including your toilet.

Sponges are the biggest reservoirs of active bacteria in the whole house.

How Often Should You Replace Your Sponge?

Instead of hanging on to our dear sponges for a lifetime (a few weeks or even a month), it is better to replace it with at least a fresh one every week. Microwaving or boiling the sponge can also help in significantly reducing the sheer amount of bacteria in it. However, it is definitely better to be safe rather than sorry! So toss that old sponge straight into the bin where it belongs & replace it with a new one. Your family (and your tummy) will thank you for it.

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