Juggun Kazim: Weight loss and other secrets – Using Lemon!

Juggun Kazim is a very well-known actress in the Pakistani Entertainment Industry. She’s been loved on-screen for her acting and off-screen for her personality. This love has led her into the world of YouTube.

Juggun now runs a YouTube channel and has over 430,000 subscribers!

She had really caught peoples’ eye when she lost a lot of weight and started leading a more healthy lifestyle, everyone wanted to know her secret “How on earth did she do it?”

She has been making videos about weight loss on her channel for a while now, whether it’s workouts or diets. In her recent video, she talks about the many ways you can use lemon and squeeze out all the benefit from them.

Here’s what she revealed:

Dry and discoloured elbows and knees?

Using lemon mixed with coconut oil can be applied on your elbows and knees to brighten them up!

Cracked heels and dry, dull feet?

Take a lemon, squeeze its juice into some water and add sea salt to make an exfoliating foot scrub for your feet. You can even use the leftover lemon peel to apply the scrub onto your feet to maximize its use!

Weak nails?

An olive oil and lemon mixture is a great solution to dip your nails into. This can help with yellowing nails, brittle nails and dry flakey cuticles and hangnail.

Want to try something for weight loss?

One of her final tips is to take Lemon and a glass of warm water and drink that glass after every meal. She claims this helps with weight loss and aids digestion.

Lemon has always been an all-rounder in the desi community. It isn’t surprising to see that celebrities use them just as much as regular people do. It’s just that good!

How many of these tips do you already use in your routines? Are there any other tips you know of that involve lemon? Let us know in the comments below!

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