How to make your own pepper spray!

Have you ever accidentally bitten into a pepper that you didn’t mean to bite into? If you have you’d be familiar with the overwhelmingly spicy feeling that hits and doesn’t go away no matter how much water you drink. Sometimes water even makes it worse!

Imagine that same feeling, in your eyes, all over your face, your throat and even up your nose. The pain becomes excruciating. This is what pepper spray does to a person.

Since 1973, people have used pepper sprays as a personal self defense tool to fight off attackers. It is also used by law enforcement to subdue an aggressive attacker without using any guns.

Worldwide, pepper sprays are very easily available, here so far I’ve only been able to find one online vendor and it’s being sold for PKR 5,000/- , I don’t know many people that would actually spend that much money on something you hope you’re never going to use.

A Video from 2016 went viral on social media in Pakistan, keeping in mind the current situation of Pakistan where women struggle to feel safe on a day to day basis the video provides information that could give some sense of protection to women when they go outside.

In the video a female IPS Officer teaches women how they can make their own pepper sprays at home which they can keep in their bags all the time.

How you can make one at home-

The recipe for the spray is as follows:

2 Table spoons of Red chili powder
2 Table spoons of Black pepper
3 cups of refined oil (cooking oil, it just has to be a light oil so it can be sprayed easily)
A few drops of acetone (you can use acetone nail polish remover too) as a preservative

Mix all the ingredients together and let it sit for a while

Next take a regular tea strainer and strain the mixture and pour it into a spray bottle

You can use the leftover rose water bottles or spray bottles are easily available in the local markets for under PKR 100/-, those bottles have nozzles that you can control and they spray pretty far too.

This mixture would stay preserved for a year, after a year you should dump the liquid and make it again.

So happy spraying!

It’s insane that women have to think about their safety on a day to day basis so much that we have to go as far as to make a pepper spray ourselves. Maybe someday the police and the government actually makes us feel like we’re safe, but until then we’ll have to take it into our own hands to feel as protected as possible.

  • Muhammad .B says:

    I am happy to see that there is someone who cares about others. Good work. Best wishes for me.

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