5 Pakistani Book-stagrams you should be following!

If you ask an average Pakistani student about their literary preferences, they’ll most likely reply with this; “I can’t even finish my course books, how am I supposed to have time to read fiction?” I am not even exaggerating. That is at least the answer of 80% of them.

Literary exposure in Pakistan is limited to classic or very famous Urdu literature, which is great considering the fact that Urdu literary work is a spiritual experience that makes you search your soul for lessons that later become ingrained in you forever.

But, as we evolve—new genres are being introduced. New preferences are being adapted. Outside of our country, genres like Fantasy and Young Adult are ruling the hearts of teenagers and well—young adults. A blend of unfathomable mixed with adventure that is a pure pleasure to read. But even in these genres, not all the books grace the stores.

Our book market only prefers famous and well known books which is a big time bummer.

New Adult and Romance are genres that are ridiculed, there’s a stigma attached to them. They’re called fanciful and unrealistic, a recipe for disaster that’s called “a waste of time”. Is it, really? Judging someone for their reading preferences is not okay.

There’s a hidden little community on Instagram that consists of Pakistanis that have book-oriented Instagrams where they review, recommended and present their books in pictures that aren’t only aesthetically pleasing but beautiful and innovative.

These people are relentless, driven and absolutely a force to be reckoned with.

Here’s a look at what they have to offer:

1. Coffee Fueled Fiction

2. Rapunzel Loves Books

3. A Bibliophiles Obsession

4. Fahad’s Bookstagram

5. Book-Girling Moments

*This is not a sponsored/collaboration post*
Literary exposure in Pakistan needs to expand so people can experience everything that a talented author has to offer. Every book is a gateway to education, one way or another.

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