5 best air purifying plants for home

Houseplants look absolutely lovely inside homes. A little green inside the house is really are really good to improve your mood.

However, the list of benefits that come with indoor plants doesn’t only include mental health. Other than reducing fatigue and stress, they might even make the indoor air healthy.

Yes, many researchers have concluded that some indoor plants may actually act as air purifiers. They clean the air you breathe in.

Below, we have short-listed some plants that actually purify the air. All of these indoor plants are easily available in Pakistan.

1- Spider Plant

5 indoor plants that purify the air

Spider plant is considered one of the best choices if you are new to keeping houseplants. This plant is easy to keep and manage.

The plant fights toxins like carbon monoxide and xylene. Other than that, it is also non-toxic to animals, which is great.

2- Aloe Vera

5 indoor plants that purify the air

This would be a perfect addition to your kitchen windowsill. This plant needs sun the most.

This plant is basically known to purify the air from benzene and formaldehyde. These toxins may be found in varnishes etc.

3- Chinese Evergreen

5 indoor plants that purify the air

Benzene and formaldehyde may also be a part of cosmetics and detergents. If you have this plant in your house, it can actually help you with these toxins. You can even keep it in your washroom as it loves humid conditions.

4- Rubber plant

5 indoor plants that purify the air

Rubber plants are really popular. This is because they are pleasing to look at. Other than that, these plants are also low maintenance which makes them perfect.

Other than just the aesthetics, these plants are considered as one of the best for cleaning the air. However, you need to make sure that you keep it out of reach of your pets because it can be toxic to them. Other than that, this plant can survive almost all conditions.

5- Bamboo Palm

5 indoor plants that purify the air

Bamboo palm is another great plant. This one would literally make your living area look great simply by its presence.

This plant is especially great with formaldehyde.

What are your views on this? Share in the comments bar below.

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