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Minister Zartaj Gul reveals that almost every whitening cream has cancer-causing agents

In a news conference, the Minister of Climate Change Zataj Gul revealed that about 57 whitening products in Pakistan contain cancer-causing agents. She also mentioned that the product manufacturers have been asked to reduce the concentration of mercury and other harmful ingredients in these creams by the end of 2020. The minister met the representatives of these companies for this purpose aswell.

According to her, the federal cabinet has approved of the ‘Minamata Convention’ on mercury. The much-needed legislation will be passed by the ministry to implement the above-mentioned convention.

The minister also laid emphasis on the role of media in promoting these products (we are looking at you Ayeza Khan). She has urged the media industry to take some responsibility and stop recommending such products that can be harmful in the long run.

Watch Zartaj Gul’s stance on whitening products here:

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