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Zara Naeem addresses the issue of comparison with Dananeer Mobeen

Comparing the ACCA topper and the Pawri girl is one of the popular topics on the internet. While many are now Dananeer fans, many do not agree that the video was deserving of the hype that it got. They believed that the actual person worth the fame is Zara Naeem for her global academic achievement.

With this, the public could be seen frequently comparing the two. However, Zara or Dananeer didn’t address the issue themselves until recently.

The ACCA topper, in an interview, opened up about the situation, calling it nothing but ‘disappointing.’ She further said that she felt it was wrong, and she believes that Dananeer would be feeling the same way. Zara said that she and the Pawri girl could not be compared as one can not compare two opposite things. She also added that it is discouraging and negative.

Watch Zara’s reaction on the comparison here:

It is definitely true that such a comparison is only a negative impact on the two girls with different achievements. Both of them should be appreciated on their own WITHOUT feeling the need to bring the other one down.

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