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India-based YouTube Channel streams Eid photos of Pakistani women ‘without’ their consent

‘Liberal Doge’ an India-based YouTube channel streamed a live video on the first day of Eid passing misogynistic comments on Eid pictures of Pakistani women without their consent. According to sources, Ritesh Jha is the person behind the channel.

A Twitter thread basically drew attention to the livestream in which two men can be heard sexualizing Pakistani women, discussing their bodies, and rating them on their Eid-ul-Fitr pictures. ‘Today, we will stalk women with our eyes filled with lust” was the caption to the stream in Hindi. The two men were called out when the news gained social media attention due to which the livestream was made private, however, the channel is still up.

One of the men in the video is from Jaunpur, Uttar Pardesh as mentioned on his now deactivated Twitter account. The Jaunpur police has confirmed that they are looking into this matter with the help of cyber crime cell.

The other person is suspected to be a resident of Jharkhand as informed by the Twitter users. Jharkhand’s chief minister has publicly told the police to investigate the matter.

Numerous young women in Pakistan now feel insecure on social media platforms after the incident. Many have taken down their pictures completely while others have changed the privacy settings of their accounts.

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