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Pakistani women are selling Pepper Sprays and Tasers for self-defense

These past few days have been very disturbing for the nation. The motorway rape case opened the eyes of many to the persistent rape culture in Pakistan, and how it is not okay. Mothers, sisters, and daughters came forward to demand justice for the victim, and it was a high time everyone realized that they need to join hands to stop such henious acts from happening.

Selling Self defense equipment

In the light of recent incidents, specifically the Lahore motorway incident, women have begun taking initiatives to support and stand up for each other. Completely hopeless with the government, women are telling each other ways to protect and defend themselves. Sick of everything, women have taken it upon themselves to protect them and those around them.

Women are selling pepper sprays and tasers to others so they can protect themselves in the hour of need. Since females aren’t safe at their workplaces or houses too, keeping things to defend yourself is very important. Pepper sprays and tasers are being sold at very pocket-friendly prices and the rates are even lower for women who are underprivileged.

From 5-year-olds to dead bodies, no one in this country is safe anymore. It’s time to say NO MORE and a time to stop these monsters. Women have started working for their safety on their own behalf and it’s time we do all in our capacity that we can to put an end to such cases.

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