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Woman throws priest off stage

Recently, a video went viral that would make you think twice before including in any casual body shaming.

The video shows a Priest, Marcelo Rossi, who is a very well known religious figure in Brazil. People come from far and wide to attend his sermons. This time they experienced something they would never forget.

As the Priest finishes a sentence a woman clad in a white T-shirt and blue jeans lunges herself at him, throwing him off the stage. He is dropped what it looks like at least a few feet.

The scene was so shocking that you can see the mass of 50,000 people get up a gasp at what happened.

It is said that the Father apparently didn’t sustain any injuries and went on to continue with the sermon. After the woman was arrested.

Twitters’ reactions to the events unfolding were hil-arious!

Do you think that the Priest was right about what he was saying?

Did the fall make you kinda chuckle too?