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WATCH | Did Bilal Saeed physically attack a couple? Here are some details about the video

Singer Bilal Saeed’s recent video has taken over the internet by storm. The clip of the singer physically abusing a couple has shocked everyone. In the clip, it can be seen that Bilal was initially arguing with the couple in the presence of the police. However, the verbal abuse quickly switched to physical. Not only did the singer slap the guy, but he also kicked the girl. He also intended on further attacking her if the Dolphin force hadn’t intervened.

Watch the video here:


The details revealed that the couple being abused is Bilal’s own brother and sister-in-law. Moreover, the video is almost a month old, and that the fight happened after some disagreement between the brothers. However, the two brothers had resolved the matter. The video has resurfaced on the internet after almost one month, and many think it may be a publicity stunt or the house helpers or neighbors might have leaked it.

People reacted to the video and are utterly disappointed. The public believes that no matter what the situation, he shouldn’t have hit the girl, but since Bilal showed the other side of the story, many are sympathizing with him. He took to his Instagram to show people his side of the story with a video of his house, which was probably damaged by the couple.

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