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WATCH | Videos of a thirsty bear in Karachi Zoo go viral, people urge the authorities to help

After countless requests, Kaavan the elephant was finally released from the Islamabad Zoo, where he was kept in a compromised condition, and people were elevated. However, now, another such video has gone viral. This parched bear in Karachi Zoo is being kept without food and water to such an extent that he is panting. The condition of the bear is miserable. People are enraged over the authorities of the zoo and demand immediate action to be taken, otherwise the bear’s condition might get worst. 

The parched bear

The internet is on fire, demanding that the bear is rescued. Many actors and actresses have spoken up too. The actress Mashal Khan shared that they are filing a constitutional petition in the Sindh High Court for the rescue of the bear. Anam Tanveer raised her voice on the issue too.

The zoo culture needs to end

The zoo culture, especially in Pakistan, is unacceptable. The terrible conditions in which the animals are kept are merely disturbing. The animals are given no proper nutrition, or space to roam around in, which is a basic necessity. Encaging animals, snatching them away from their natural habitats, and then not giving them appropriate living conditions is the sad reality of many Pakistani zoos. These poor, innocent creatures need to be rescued, and this culture needs to end; otherwise, our precious animals will keep going extinct.

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