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Actress Ushna Shah joins hands with WWF-Pakistan as a ‘Goodwill Ambassador’

Many celebrities speak up against animal cruelty in Pakistan. Ushna Shah is among those who are always vocal on such issues and make sure that their voice is the loudest when speaking about such cases.

Keeping in view her love for wildlife and concerns about environmental protection, Ushna has been appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador of World Wildlife Fund Pakistan. The actress shared the news on social media expressing how delightful and happy she is. She also explained WWF’s mission which is working to ‘sustain’ the natural world for the benefit of both nature and people.

WWF-Pakistan’s official account also took to Twitter to talk about Ushna joining them. They called her an ‘ardent environmental activist’ and a ‘fervent supporter of animal rights.’ They welcomed the actress and expressed that they are hoping the partnership will add value to their mission.

Ushna Shah has used her social media platforms to violence against animals especially putting an end to dog culling.

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