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Ushna Shah hopeful that the ‘Motorway rape case’ judgment will help prevent similar incidents

The motorway gang-rape incident last year enraged masses. People demanded quick justice for the victim. Recently, an anti-terrorism court (ATC) has given a death sentence to those accused.

While many are still doubtful about whether the convicted are the actual culprits or not, numerous are taking it as a win of justice including Ushna Shah who expressed her gratitude over the decision. She took to Twitter where she addressed the survivor and hoped that the judgment will somehow add into the healing process of her mental damage.

The actress is hoping that this verdict helps others who have been a part of similar injustices.

Here’s what she posted:

Motorway rape case incident the previous year shook the whole nation. The whole country, including the celebrities, spoke up against injustice and in support of the victim. Ushna tweeted that she was in favor of stoning the ‘rapists to death’ publicly.

An FIR of the incident was registered with Gujjarpura police under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) and under the numerous sections of the Pakistan Penal Code.