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Ushna Shah believes that she is NOT appreciated enough

Ushna Shah is a well-known name of the Pakistani Entertainment Industry. She has some real talent which can be seen from her breakthrough dramas such as Balaa, Bashar Momin, Alif Allah aur Insaan, and more. She has carried out her roles, both positive and negative, in the best way possible and many people love her. She is currently appearing in the drama ‘Bandhay Aik Dour Say’.

However, acting isn’t the only thing Ushna is famous for. She is also known for her bluntness and how vocal she is on many issues. Not many actors address social issues like she does.

Ushna’s interview

Recently in an interview, Ushna Shah opened up about how ‘unappreciated’ she feels. She believes that since she ‘didn’t kiss the right butts’ she feels like she isn’t admired enough for her work. She had no one to guide her in the very beginning of her career. She also mentioned how she wanted professionalism in her work, but she couldn’t get it because nobody worked on that certain ‘level’ which she was used to. All of this didn’t work in the actresses’ favor.

Watch Ushna’s interview for yourself here;

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