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Pakistani celebrities come forward to show support for female footballers following FIFA suspension!

As the chances of the Pakistan Football Federation’s(PFF) suspension from FIFA increase, in the light of previous events, people are highly concerned about the future of football in the country. Among them are a few actresses, who are raising their voices in support of the female footballers and urging the authorities to resolve the problems.

Mahira Khan took to Instagram where she shared a video of Hajra Khan demanding respect for the game and also for the football players.

Actress Yumna Zaidi also took to Instagram where she explained how essential sports are. In the post, Zaidi said that sports provide us with role models who represent our country worldwide. She requested the authorities to help the Pakistan women’s football team and help them solve their issues.

Karachi United FC decided to withdraw its women’s team from the National Championship due to the previous incidents. They took to Facebook where they announced the decision, saying that they have ‘no other option.’ They disclosed that FIFA’s deadline has passed but ‘no corrective action’ has been taken so far.

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