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Sohail Ayaz awarded death sentence three times for sexually assaulting and filming minors

An active member of child pornography Sohail Ayaz has finally met his fate in Pakistan. Ayaz has been awarded death sentence three times by Additional District Judge. He was found guilty of sexually assaulting minors, pedophilia, and filming the inhumane act.

Other than that, the court has also sentenced him to three counts of life imprisonment and a fine of Rs500,000. His accomplice was awarded seven year imprisonment along with a fine of Rs100,000.

Sohail Ayaz has been found guilty of sexually assaulting minors, filming the heinous incidents, and releasing the videos on the dark web. He was imprisoned in the United Kingdom for four years on the same charges and was facing trial in Italy as well.

The Rawalpindi Police informed the Senate’s Standing Committee that the child, which they recovered from his house in 2019, was sexually assaulted by Ayaz. This was verified through the DNA sample.

While briefing the court on the case, a Rawalpindi Police official said that the accused was a Chartered Accountant by profession.

“Around 100,000 pornographic images were found from his personal computer”, the official said. Proof of child trafficking from the mobile phone of the criminal has been found as well.

“He used to lure in young boys of age 8-15 years, mostly street vendors selling eggs or Qehwa, by offering them money or jobs and used to intoxicate them through Hash and Ice”, the Police added.

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